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About the Site:

The Urban Wood Exchange is hosted by the North Carolina Urban Forest Council, in partnership with the NC Forest Service’s Urban & Community Forestry Program and funded through the USFS Southern Region. The site previously existed as part of the Urban Hardwood Recovery Project through the USFS Northeastern Region.

This site is designed to connect producers and processors of wood, a give and take of availability and need. The way to increase utilization of urban wood is to take action on a local level to reduce the amount of urban wood in the waste stream, produce local sustainable lumber for municipal projects, reduce costs associated with removal and disposal of urban trees, and reduce the urban carbon footprint.


Municipalities and urban areas are under increasing economic and environmental pressure to manage their urban forest canopy to provide an array of environmental and social benefits, including the reduction of their carbon footprint and becoming carbon neutral. This site is meant to help meet these demands by capturing the potential lumber value contained in these aging trees and utilizing it within the communities they come from.

Urban foresters and tree professionals can benefit from learning how to recognize and capture the highest use and value contained in these urban tree stems. This also includes the avenues to connect them with processors and outlets for wood products. Conversion of only 15% of current residue from chips to boards could theoretically produce 3.8 billion board feet of lumber for use in local building projects. Such conversion also sequesters carbon and enhances the benefits of the urban forest.

The intent of the site is to encourage the highest and best use of the urban wood resource by connecting the producers of the urban wood, like arborists and municipalities, with the businesses or individuals who want that wood, in order to add value. Oftentimes, such connections will be on a local level and it is hoped that this site would help establish those connections for the mutual benefit of businesses and increase the utilization of urban-sourced wood.

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Much of this site development was the effort of Sustainable Resource Management, Inc., in Maryland. The principal, Brian Knox, also provides training to arborists, foresters, saw mills and loggers to gain the most value of each log cut and offers training throughout the mid-Atlantic region and Southern regions. Brian Knox has built a solid reputation in forestry education and his public speaking and education history includes college-level teaching.

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